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Update for May

posted May 15, 2013, 6:05 PM by Dmitri Boulanov
There haven't been updates on this blog for a bit, but that doesn't mean the team hasn't been busy with euMetrica work.
At the moment we are working on:
  • Testing out the backend script that will run on EC2 to process the data - this has been tested and needs to be integrated into the entire flow
    • S3 and SQS read/write functions have been tested together; SNS has been tested separately - all work as expected
  • Incorporating the feedback of the cardiologist at Tufts Med reviewing this project. We got some good feedback in late April, including feedback to the Mozilla judges, which we plan to share in Chicago in June. To incorporate this feedback, we will need to test and have the best peak and trough detection algorithms we can establish. This work will be split from the development work and will most likely be developed in Matlab, before being ported to Java or Javascript. 
  • Requirements for a more basic UI have been completed and development is underway for a simple 6 screen demo version of the app, which should have less to explain to folk and better demonstrate the server functionality
  • To better demonstrate the graphing functionality, we will stick with only the static graphs from our previous demo. We have experienced some bugs and challenges with the dynamic graphs, so we are putting those on hold for now - placing it in future enhancement status.
  • We are awaiting the API for the spirometer hardware, which is ready to go, prototype wise. Once we have this and the new UI developed, we can easily make a call to the API to grab a measurement from the spirometer. Unfortunately, we do not believe that the spirometer hardware will be fully calibrated before June, but are still hopeful to have a demo at the US Ignite conference
  • We are to meet a couple more doctors, including a general physician and a pulmonologist, in the area, to get feedback on the demo and devices
In other news, I came across this article with a citation of Google's Android chief on future of the platform:
"For example, you are going to have computing which can potentially warn you before you have a heart attack."