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Update for Round 2

posted Nov 24, 2012, 3:05 PM by Dmitri Boulanov   [ updated Jun 18, 2013, 5:25 PM ]
A number of items since the last post:
  • Recruited Maria Constanopolous as a marketing consultant for the team. Maria will help us with market, ecosystem and use-case research, as well as other business-related issues. Also, recruited Jonah Schey, a fourth year medical student at Tufts University School of Medicine, to help us identify and pursue solutions for chronic condition use-cases. 

  • Met with a doctor at Tufts Medical Center, about the idea of creating of a mobile app to monitor the EKG of a patient at any given time, away from the hospital, using the hardware available to us. He gave us valuable feedback about the use-cases, which are centered around arrhythmia, which we could identify from the full EKG signal. We also got some general feedback on COPD vs asthma use-cases for the system, if we identify a digital spirometer to integrate with the system. This gives the team one viable use-case direction to pursue for system development for round 2 of the Mozilla Ignite competition.

  • Met with our new business mentor, Professor Russo of BU's School of Management to identify our next steps to succeeding as a future venture (not just a project). Focus on a single population with a medical issue is one of our priorities now. 

  • Me and Amr attended Startup Bootcamp at Boston University on Saturday, November 17th, where we heard from legal and entrepreneurship experts and professors at BU's School of Management. We learned about start-up basics such as the funding options, structuring a company, finding the core team and culture, defining the proper opportunity, and considering the larger ecosystem as a whole. 

  • Tested the ability to get the EKG signal on to the Android smartphone, which is a great step toward device integration with our system. 

  • Currently doing market and ecosystem research on arrythmia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and exploring other uses for the idea of integrating a digital spirometer, a digital pulse oximeter, a mobile EKG monitor, and other devices into a single system. 

  • We also won some funding and received recognition by winning Round 1 - Prototype Development of Mozilla Ignite competition! Congrats and great work guys! Check out our video pitch on YouTube
Some action items for the next couple of months:
  • Structure our work into a more planned format - something Maria is helping us out with. This includes market research and development (coding) work. This will allow us to deliver much more code for the early January deadline for Round 2 of Mozilla Ignite.

  • Look for additional engineering talent, who could help us iterate on system versions, while we test our ideas with the medical community.

  • Implement cloud back-end, user authorization, dynamic charts, EKG integration, and threshold-based alerts. Optionally, implement a basic, but secure messaging system between doctors and users.

  • Work with Dr. Yu on additional sensors.

  • Identify additional use-cases by meeting with the healthcare community and exploring current issues (thus opportunities for us) with remote monitoring (whether they be in pricing or solutions or integration).

  • Meet with health-IT entrepreneurs and mentors, to get feedback on the overall idea and direction