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Why euMetrica? CNN, RockHealth on Mobile Monitoring

posted Feb 27, 2013, 7:55 PM by Dmitri Boulanov
Maria brought up this CNN article a couple of days back - this is excellent coverage of the direction and angle we have been pursuing since August of last year. It's great to see that others are recognizing the potential of remote monitoring using mobiles coupled with sensor hardware as well. Key quotes from the article:

"...Healthcare solutions must be designed with the user in mind, enabling people to arrive at actionable conclusions based on their personal data..."

"...in order to ultimately take off, digital health services need to be designed so that they embed into current human behaviors. Devices that are uncomfortable to wear or don't provide simple explanations of data will not be adopted..."

A recent post in RockHealth's blog has also kept us inspired -- a post called "Ideas We'd Like to Fund", which explicitly covers two subject areas we are pursuing with euMetrica:

"Chronic disease management: Chronic conditions account for 75% of health spending in the Unites States. Better managing this population, particularly those at the highest level of risk for hospitalization, is the single largest opportunity to bend the cost curve...."

"Mega-platforms...We want a platform for sensors, to aggregate the data and make it meaningful for consumers and practitioners. We want a platform for digital health companies transforming care management in the preventive, acute, and chronic spaces to sell their clinically-validated outcomes to payers for distribution to consumers..."

Unrelated: Another post on what the team is working on (server-side code, peak-detection for arrhythmia and related alerts, messaging platform) soon...